3 09 2011

Today, I went round and round and round the metro, to meet with clients and do some errands. From QC to Fort to Pasig to Pasay to Mandaluyong, and then last stop was in Corinthian Gardens.


Ang ending muntik na akong naging Wonder Woman.






Chikka lang!

I had to meet with someone in the clubhouse and do some ocular for an event. Since my friend’s boutique was there too, i paid her a visit after my meeting.

GAKUYA means Dressing Room/Backstage in Nippongo.

The btq has a very nice interior very Japanesque/Industrial.

It’s very welcoming, the facade is wide and the ceiling is high.

 Mannequin display in French Century Lace Dresses

French Century Lace Gown, the material and the construction is Divine.

Photo doesn’t do justice.

On the right side – Rack of Couture clothes

On the left side – Rack of Fab cocktail dresses

I must say the design and construction of the clothes are really good.



 There are vintage japanese home accessories on display in the center table, big hardcase luggage, nippon dolls, shoji lamps, geta, obi belts, plus more. Hmmm i think it’s for sale, forgot to ask her.

My designer friend lived in Tokyo for more than a decade, obviously her inspiration came from there. She modeled for a while then studied fashion design, before coming back here.


There’s a wooden carving of the GAKUYA logo on the feature wall.

I remember borrowing her clothes before, when i did a fun shoot with my friends and officemates.

My friend didn’t want her pic taken so i just grabbed one in her FB. hehehe!

Gakuya Shop at The Clubhouse, Corinthian Gardens, Ortigas Ave. Cor. Edsa, Quezon City
(632) 6321311



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