Chikkatrivia: Christian Louboutin

15 08 2011



Louboutin came up with the idea of red-glazed bottom soles in 1991 while admiring the sparkle of red enameled nails on a woman. He began painting the bottom of a shoe with red nail polish to see how it would look.

And he got the idea when he saw his assistant painting her nails red in her office table.

Louboutin was immediately taken. He decided then he would lacquer his soles in blood red.


And did you know, when i went to Daiso in Greenhills…i happen to passby the tiangge stalls there.

I saw a glass showcase (in shoppesville side, infront of DAISO Japan home center) full of FAKE Louboutins.

It costs around 6k and it pretty looks the same, not as fake looking as the bags.

And i will quote the staff  “Yung sa Pussycat Dolls na singer, si Nicole Scherzinger bumili nga nyan dito e”.

Ganon?! Fauxsycat Doll!


Pls read my previous post about Louboutin.



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