Men in Pearls

7 08 2011

I love pearls!

My passion for them started when i saw my granny’s display of a big oyster  (read: as in oyster standee in her boudoir) with big bumps on it, when i was still a kid. I was so mesmerized with the smooth, shiny and iridescent effect of the inside, which i eventually learned to be the Mother of Pearl. There were small and big bumps on the latter – which turned out to be PEARLS!

As i was growing up – to be fierce, feisty and fabulous hahahaha!

My penchant for pearls never withered.

I would see pics of Audrey Hepburn in LBD with pearl accessories

and Carolina Herrera in her Immaculate white polo with midi-skirt accessorized with big pearl earrings.

It was easy access for me, the pearls i love was just right infront of me!

My granny had few pieces, some of those were handed down to my mom.

She even has this pair…

Big baroque type – still has the excess MOP on the sides. Due to katamaran to bring it to a jeweller, she just bonded a fancy silver clip at the back, so she can wear and remove it easily.

Here are some which i found in the dresser:

Brooch and earrings

Pls don’t mind my hairy hand, like what i said in my other posts…

I’m not a girl, not yet a woman. Coz all i need is time. Chot!

Granny said the ring has the form of the Mother and Child.

I used the tiara on my 18th Buurrdday. Chikka!

I dunno why these aren’t perfectly shaped. Some are oval, some are just weird.

Those weird shaped ones are called Baroque.

Baroque Pearls are simply pearls that have an irregular shape.


I’m just not sure if it was carved from a MOP too. The base and the back part is like a MOP.

Mom doesn’t know too, kebs nya daw. Lol.

And since these are girly stuff, I can’t wear them all. I just stare at them, put it on top of my doggies bods while they’re sleeping and take pics! hahahahaha!

Good thing i have a fabulous friend like Mia Macapagal of Jewelmer.

She gave me this Advocacy Pearl Bracelet, FOR MEN which i can wear all-day everyday.

It’s not about the money, money, money.

Forget about the price tag, give your man some pearly love tonight.

Look who’s wearing…

You can browse more collections For Men at

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3 responses

8 08 2011
Kim Gan

hei, i just love your blog, specially this one about pearls. i love pearls! they are so classic, for keeps, they never go out of style, imply fab! just like my clothes…. GAKUYA

2 09 2011
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8 11 2011
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