Crazy Creative Bags

21 11 2012

Remember the hula hoop bag which Karl Lagerfeld designed for Chanel last Spring 2013 show?


It will be sold in stores! But it will only be the smaller version. They’re afraid no one would purchase the really big one.


Uhm, never ever under estimate the spending power of The Bored Housewives of Beverly Hills…they might actually buy it. Hehe!

This time, Karl sent models sashaying the runway with a Chanel Lego bag.


Both will be available in stores.
So what do you think now will be the “IT” bag of the season? Will there be pinoys to grab these crazy bags?

How to pronounce Fashion Brands

16 11 2012

Everyone thinks you’re rich, beautiful, successful and almost perfect…not until you uttered that “one” word to the fashion people you’re with; instantly everything went crumbling down.


“Hi there! You look so fab and gorg! I love your bag!”

“Oh, thanks dear! It’s herms!

Everyone’s eyes popped.


Paaaak! Epic Fail!

You could’ve said Birkin. Now, they might think you’re patronizing fakes.

Hermes is pronounced as ER-MES.


This is somehow what happened:


It’s forgivable if you’re not into signature pieces.

But it’s a super sin, if you’re the type of person displaying your wares and not knowing the correct pronunciation of the brand.


Classic example, si Ralph Lauren po ay Amerikano, kaya dapat ang chikka mo –

Lo-Ren and not Low-Ran (ipaubaya nyo na ke YSL yon)


Kung beki ka – say Lohhhhh-Rehhn with pouting lips. Try it!



Other brand pronunciations you may find useful:








Cartier – CART-yey

Dior Homme – JOR-om

Louis Vuitton – LUWEE-vih-ton

Dries Van Noten – DREEZ-van-Know-ten

Chanel – SHA-nel

Comme des Garcons – Kom-deh-GHAR-sohn



Pls feel free to add some more on the list using the comments box below.


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Magic Fingers

27 04 2012


When Peter Philips, Chanel’s creative director for makeup, wanted to showcase the latest collection of Chanel nail polish on film, he called upon Ruth Hogben, a London filmmaker known for her work with Gareth Pugh and Louis Vuitton. The inspiration to use sign language came shortly after.

Magic Fingers


In this video, the Dutch model Saskia De Brauw manually conveys some of Coco Chanel’s most famous quotes; while her hands do the talking, her fingernails show off an array of chic Chanel lacquers.

Source: T, The New York Times Styles Magazine.

8 03 2012

Originally posted on PopWatch:

[ew_image url=”” credit=”Adam Pletts/Getty Images” align=”left”]From Nicki Minaj, to the young stars of Hugo, to Kim Kardashian, celebs have been flocking to Twitter to voice their urgent opposition to Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (more commonly known as the LRA), one of central Africa’s most violent rebel groups. At the helm of the online campaign is Invisible Children, a charity group that aims to raise awareness about Kony’s brutal human rights violations in Uganda.

Topic #StopKony has been trending worldwide since Tuesday, with viral video Kony2012 racking up almost two million hits on YouTube so far, according to The Washington Post, with no signs of slowing down.

Take a look at what celebrities are saying after the jump:

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K-Palette: 24hr Convenient Liners

3 03 2012

Tell me one thing you can’t leave home without?

Cellphone? Ipad? Lip Balm? I can’t leave home without a Wristwatch.

And some or most women can’t leave home without eyebrows…yez, kilay! They can do without powder and lipstick, but never without eyebrows! Detachable or Drawn.

My mom is one of them.

I’m not, coz i was blessed with fabulously arched brows, parang Angelina Jolie lang. Cherlzzz!

There’s this new pang Kilay in town, and it’s called K-Pallette.

It has been consistently rated as one of the top three selling liners in Japan. It’s waterproof, smudge-proof,  has a micro fibre brush and it has a conditioning formula which makes your kilay fresh and fierce.

Too bad i can’t try it on, coz like what i said – i have fabulously arched brows! Cherlzzzz again and again!

This K-Palette Eyebrow liner goes hand in hand with an Eyeliner, pang CHECK! to achieve that Angelina Jolie eyes…

Women will love these 2 liners coz it won’t wear off, that’s why it’s called 24hr Tattoo liner. You can do you everyday stuff and not worry about having raccoon eyes coz of oiliness and perspiration.


And even if you forget to wash your face before and after a romantic night aka booking, surely this won’t happen:



It is long-lasting but it can easily be washed off with soap and water.


K-Palette is available in all Beauty Bar outlets for P895.



Win a Chillow!

5 09 2011

Chillow pillow

I’ve been ranting for the longest time about my sleeping problem; i sleep late, but then i wake up so early.

Dunno if it’s because of my bed or my pillow?… or maybe i just can’t let go of the internet… or simply thunders na.

I have 2 kinds of pillows, the new soft ones and the not-so-fluffy old pillows (as in 5 years old); i try to alternately use all. But still, i’m not satisfied. My aircon is always in high-cool and the room temp is almost freezing cold;  but i still want to lay on something cool.

I just dont know what i want. Gaga lang.

Good thing, my chikka sponsor just came from abroad.
And brought me this wonderful Chillow! And said to try it out.

 The front is made of  soft latex/plastic/vinyl (not sure though…)

The reverse side is made of felt, and it has a valve cap in one corner.

It’s a pillow which you will fill in with 1.5liters of tap water,(i used mineral water, pero kung mas gaga ka sa kin punuin mo ng evian)…

I suggest you use a 500ml (x 3)  bottle when filling it up with water, so that you can pour it lightly and easily.

Slightly lift the valve cap, to have enough space inside when you pour water…and voila!
You have a cool memory foam Chillow!

Roll it and Tuck it in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes.

Not in the Freezer!

 Then use it on top of your pillow…

or under the pillowcase if you’re uneasy with that squeaky feeling.

I’ve tried it, and it’s really bongga!

Really cool feeling!

You can also use it as a dog mattress, just cover it with a thick pillowcase to prevent pets from puncturing it.

You can read and follow the detailed instructions here.

I dont think its available here in manila, yet! The sponsor gave me 5 Chillows and i’m giving away  4 pcs. Shempre aken yung isa.


I want to see dressed up beds!

So for you guys who wants to have this Chillow…

Contest Details:

-Take a pic of your most fabulous bed ensemble (as in Bedding set, comforter and/or pillow cases) and email the pic  We will be the one to post the pic on our wall as soon as we get your entry.


-Then we will email you back the link so that you can post it on your own wall too, and ask friends to LIKE it.

Pic should be at least (but not necessarily) as fab as this:

(It’s your chance to make yabang your fab room!)

-Deadline of submission of entries will be on Sept. 23, 2011 at 12 midnight.

-Ask your friends to like chikkapedia and then your entry, the first 4 entries with the most number of “likes” by 12midnight September 25, 2011 will win!

-Please send one entry per human being.

-I will announce the winners and post their names on FB and the next day.

-Contest is open to Philippine residents only.

-Winners will be notified thru email or sms on how to claim their prizes. 1 chillow per winner.

-Those in far-flung provinces can also join but if you win, you pay for the freight. I will email you the cost.

-Tigilan ang pag gawa ng fake na account please. Those with bogus friends will be disqualified and tortured. Cguro naman meron kayo at least 100 chikka friends to like your pic? hehe


3 09 2011

Today, I went round and round and round the metro, to meet with clients and do some errands. From QC to Fort to Pasig to Pasay to Mandaluyong, and then last stop was in Corinthian Gardens.


Ang ending muntik na akong naging Wonder Woman.






Chikka lang!

I had to meet with someone in the clubhouse and do some ocular for an event. Since my friend’s boutique was there too, i paid her a visit after my meeting.

GAKUYA means Dressing Room/Backstage in Nippongo.

The btq has a very nice interior very Japanesque/Industrial.

It’s very welcoming, the facade is wide and the ceiling is high.

 Mannequin display in French Century Lace Dresses

French Century Lace Gown, the material and the construction is Divine.

Photo doesn’t do justice.

On the right side – Rack of Couture clothes

On the left side – Rack of Fab cocktail dresses

I must say the design and construction of the clothes are really good.



 There are vintage japanese home accessories on display in the center table, big hardcase luggage, nippon dolls, shoji lamps, geta, obi belts, plus more. Hmmm i think it’s for sale, forgot to ask her.

My designer friend lived in Tokyo for more than a decade, obviously her inspiration came from there. She modeled for a while then studied fashion design, before coming back here.


There’s a wooden carving of the GAKUYA logo on the feature wall.

I remember borrowing her clothes before, when i did a fun shoot with my friends and officemates.

My friend didn’t want her pic taken so i just grabbed one in her FB. hehehe!

Gakuya Shop at The Clubhouse, Corinthian Gardens, Ortigas Ave. Cor. Edsa, Quezon City
(632) 6321311


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